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How can I renew my books?

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You can renew your books online via the library catalogue or using our 24 hour automated renewals phoneline. To renew  via the Library catalogue see below. Go to the library catalogue Click on My Account Login using either your network username and password (students and staff), or library barcode number (external members) Either click Renew All or just th ... read more

How do I access electronic resources

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The University subscribes to a large number of online resources (databases, electronic journals, electronic books) to support your learning. To use these 'for free' you must identify (authenticate) yourself as being part of the University of Roehampton. On campus If you are using University PCs or wifi, most of our resources allow you access without logging/signing in. The easiest way to access el ... read more

I am on a teaching placement and cannot return a reservation

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If you have borrowed a book that is in high demand and a reservation has been placed for this item, this means you need to return this book on the due date and exceptions cannot be given to students who are on teaching placements or who live at a greater distance from the university. When students borrow books, the Library cannot guarantee that it will be always possible to renew their books and e ... read more

How do I pay my Library fines?

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Paying fines is very easy and can be done either online, or in person using the self-pay fines machines in the library.   Online payment - To pay online, simply log in to your library account and click on the charges tab.  You can see an overview of your charges and then click 'Pay now' to pay your fines online.  You will need a valid credit or debit card to pay.  After payment is complete you wil ... read more

How do I change my Roehampton password or unlock my account?

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You can manage your password by signing up for password self-service by clicking on this link: Password self-service is an online system where you can: Change your University password Unlock your University account The benefits are: Saves time - No need to contact the IT Helpdesk Remain in control of your password 24/7 Receive ... read more

The library does not have the item I want, what can I do?

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If the library does not hold a book or journal that you require you have the following options: Request an Inter Library Loan Apply online for SCONUL Access Inter Library Loan The Inter Library Loan service requests books, journals, chapters and articles that we do not hold in our library collection from other UK and Ireland lending libraries for our students and academic staff. The Inter Librar ... read more

Is there a library at Whitelands?

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There is only one University Library on the main Roehampton Lane campus.  We do offer a number of services to make it easier for students based at Whitelands to make use of library resources. For information about the Search and Collect service please check:  Search and Collect allows you to request books to be sent to Whitelands s ... read more

Do you have a room that I can book?

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We have a range of bookable study rooms within the Library, to try and suit a variety of needs. For further information and to book, please visit our web pages at  Bookings can be made up to a week in advance and they can be very busy at peak times of year so advanced booking is advisable. Two rooms are reserved so only disabled st ... read more

How many inter library loans can I have?

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The free allocations for Inter Library Loans are per academic year and based on whether you are academic staff, an undergraduate or postgraduate student. It is also according to the level of study.   The table below is a quick reference guide. To find out more about free allocations for Inter Library Loans check: Academic staff ... read more

I need a special username and password for one of the following resources

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For some online resources we have institutional usernames and passwords.  For these resources you cannot log in using your own username and passowrd.  You can find the institutional username and password to the resources in the table below by clicking on this link and logging in with your Roehampton username and password. Resource Resource Resource Resource Animated Central Search ... read more

How many books can I borrow / take out?

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Loan allowances depend on your level of study and type of course. As a general rule, undergraduates can take out 15 books and taugh postgraduates can take out 18.  There are additional allowances for particular collections and other borrower types. For a full break down of loan allowances please use the following link :

I cannot afford to pay my fines

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If you have library fines which are particularly high please contact with us to discuss the situation. Whilst any fines will need to be paid off, we do not want to stop you using the library for long periods of time and will work with you to get you borrowing again. You can meet with a friendly member of library staff to discuss your situation and agree a way forward to clear the fines and get you ... read more

I think I have lost a book, what do I do?

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If you think that you have lost a book please speak to a member of staff at the Library and Enquiry Desk or place an enquiry on Virtual Librarian. In the first instance they will put an item query on the book; this means that 3 searches will be instigated for the book to make sure that the book hasn’t been returned to the shelves without being discharged. If the book is not found you will need to ... read more

My ID card has been lost / stolen. How do I get a new one?

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If you have lost your ID card we recommend that you check at Library Reception as they hold all lost property for the Library. They also contact students by email when student ID cards are found and handed in at this desk.  They can be contacted by phone on 020 8392 5005, or by email For student ID cards not found there is a £10 charge for a replacement. You can ... read more

How do I reserve a book?

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You can reserve a book if all other loabable copies are out of the library.  Placing a reservation on a book will mean that whoever currently has the book will not be able to renew it and will be sent an email requesting that it is returned. For a step by step guide on how to place a reservation via the Library catalogue see below. Visit the Library catalogue ... read more

Can I request Library items to be collected at Whitelands?

294 views   |   49   52   |   Last updated on Nov 26, 2014    Search and Collect Library Building

You can request Library items to be collected at Whitelands through the Search and Collect service. To request your books via the Search and Collect service you need to complete the online request form. Select the appropriate options according to whether you want to collect your books from Whitelands or the University Library. When you have submitted your form you will receive an acknowledgment fo ... read more

How do I use the Virtual Librarian Live, instant chat service?

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We are currently piloting a new instant chat service called Virtual Librarian Live.  Virtual Librarian Live will allow you to chat directly with library staff and get an immediate response to your enquiry.  To use the service simply visit the Library home page and look for the chat box on the home screen.  If virtual librarian live is online you will see the image below:  Simply click on the imag ... read more

What is Refworks, why should I use it?

264 views   |   34   44   |   Last updated on Aug 18, 2015    Academic Support

RefWorks is a reference management software package that allows you to: Save references from sources such as ejournals, databases, library catalogues, websites Compile your own database of references Insert correctly formatted citations into your documents Automatically generate bibliographies and lists of works cited RefWorks is web-based so can be used from any computer with an internet connec ... read more

Can I use the Eduroam service at Roehampton?

248 views   |   66   54   |   Last updated on Nov 26, 2014    Membership IT Support

  Eduroam (education roaming) is a service provided by JANET which allows students, researchers and staff to securely access the internet when visiting other participating institutions here in the UK and worldwide, using the login provided by their home organisation. You can find out more about the service and how to connect to it please click here.

There are books showing on my account that I do not have / returned already

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Please contact Library and IT Enquiries on 020 8392 3770 or place an enquiry on Virtual Librarian about this issue. We will carry out searches for the items in question and we will contact you when we have concluded our investigation. Please note that it is not possible or necessary to renew the items in question while searching is in progress.

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